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Post by Sasami on Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:18 am

NU Forum Rules

The following are the rules of this forum. Breaking any of these rules may result in a ban so read them carefully.

-No spamming, trolling, flaming, or advertising.

-No excessive swearing.

-Having multiple accounts is strictly forbidden.

-Don't bump older topics that have already been settled.

-Don't argue with staff. If you seriously feel that a staff member is abusing their powers, talk to me, don't fight with them.

-Do NOT impersonate staff. This will result in an immediate ban without warning.

-Keep posts at a PG-13 level.

-Signatures should be short and may contain only one image (or a few very tiny images, such as sprites). The max height for a signature should be about 170 pixels (this is also roughly the height of a Pokecharms trainer card). Signatures should be kept PG-13...if you aren't sure whether or not something might be questionable, don't add it. If you fail to follow these rules, a staff member may give you a warning. If you consistently break signature rules, I'll disable your account from having signatures at all.

-Cheating in a WiFi match (hacking, disconnecting on purpose, etc.) will result in a permanent ban.

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