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Parasect's Smogon Sets

Effect Spore
--The opponent has a 10% chance of being induced by Paralysis, Poison, or Sleep when using an attack requiring physical contact with Parasect.
Dry Skin
--HP is restored by Water type attacks or when it is raining, but HP is sapped in Sunlight and Parasect has an additional Fire weakness.

Stat Base MAX
HP 60 324
Atk 95 317
Def 80 284
Sp.Atk 60 240
Sp.Def 80 284
Spd 30 174

Parasect isn't especially great in most tiers, mostly because of its letdown of an HP stat, abyssmal Spd, and par Atk. Its only redeemable factor is Spore, the infamous 100% accurate sleep inducing move. In NU, however, Parasect has much more merit due to the global drop in stats. While its Spd is still unforgivable, its respectable defenses can salvage its HP. Parasect has pretty awesome Atk for NU, and could probably do well with a Band. Scarf is out of the question, and its Sp.Atk makes it BARELY capable of running a Specs set, though, it'd be happier with Leftovers, Life Orb, or Wise Glasses. Dry Skin is generally the better of the two abilities, letting Parasect happily switch into Water attacks, and it simply relishes the Rain. Take advantage of its unique typing and, albeit small, movepool.

Parasect @Life Orb/Leftovers
-Seed Bomb/Pursuit
-Brick Break/Pursuit
Dry Skin, Adamant
252 HP, 252 Atk, 6 Def
This is pretty much the most standard Parasect can get. Abuse Spore, and then attempt a sweep. If you can take somethin' out and still be available to Spore whatever switches in, good for you! Despite that Parasect has Dry Skin for Water attacks, it still has a rough time switching into Water type Pokemon because they so often pack Ice Beam. With a little Sp.Def investment, you could survive long enough to get in a Spore and attempt a sweep, but if they pack a Lum or something, you're toast (or a mushroom popsicle, more likely).

Sleep in general causes switches in most cases, as does a Psychic, Dark, or Grass type's fear of X-Scissor, so Pursuit is a good choice, but Seed Bomb takes advantage of STAB and helps handle those nasty Water-Ground types, while Brick Break keeps you from being walled by Steel types. It's a matter of preference.

Any kind of Fire attack will quickly char Parasect, even an off-brand Flamethrower from a Mawile or something, assuming they've got a little Sp.Atk investment. Besides that, Parasect suffers from a Stealth Rock weakness, Ice, 4x Flying, Poison, and even Bug. Because of its Spd and HP, it's really not difficult to take out. A good counter to this set would be Noctowl, or Ariados, since they both pack Insomnia for Spore, and resist or take neutral damage from the rest of the moveset- Noctowl can also pack Air Slash, and Ariados can run a special set for a nasty Signal Beam, or Band and Pursuit on the switch. Basically, anything else that outruns Parasect and gets a Flying or Fire attack can handle it with great ease.

Parasect @Choice Band
-Brick Break
-Seed Bomb
Dry Skin, Adamant
252 HP, 252 Atk, 6 Spd
Not much different from the above set, is it? Like I said, Parasect doesn't have the widest or deepest of movepools, but its passable. In this set, you throw away Spore and end up being able to run Pursuit, Brick Break, and Seed Bomb all at the same time. Most people expect Spore right off the bat, so they'll either try to set up (with a Lum Berry), or switch out, in which case you basically get a free hit.

Cross Poison is an option, but Poison isn't a great attacking type, and is very easy to wall.

The same counters apply.

Parasect @Life Orb
-Energy Ball
-Brick Break
Dry Skin, Quiet
252 Atk, 252 Sp.Atk, 6 Def
Considering the global drop in stats, there's no reason Parasect can't run a mixer set. If Spec'd GDos works in OU, then a mixer Parasect can work in NU. Same idea- Spore, attempt a sweep. Energy Ball covers physical walls that switch in, besides Mawile, which might be safer to switch out of, or save a Spore for. Careful if it has a Lum Berry or is running Sub, though, in which case you just spoonfed it set up time.

Grass Knot and Giga Drain are options over Energy Ball, but Grass Knot won't do as well against Whiscash, and Giga Drain just generally won't deal as much damage. Giga Drain's the most viable alternative, and Pursuit COULD replace Spore or Brick Break if you feel the need.

Same counters apply, sadly.

Parasect @Life Orb/Leftovers/Wise Glasses
-Energy Ball
-Sludge Bomb/Spore
-Hidden Power Fire
Dry Skin, Modest
252 HP, 252 Sp.Atk, 6 Def
Well, Parasect learns Growth, and it's a perfectly viable possibility. Growth once or twice, usally on a safe switch-in, like a Spec'd Surf or something, and then do what you can to sweep after that.

Once again, Poison is not a very good attack type, really, so it's okay to replace it with Spore. Sadly, Parasect doesn't get a special STAB for Bug, so you'll just have to deal with it.

Same counters apply... Anything faster with a Fire or Flying attack takes it out, no problem.

All credit goes to Shine.

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