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Chimecho's Smogon Sets

--This Pokemon is immune to Ground type attacks. In addition, this Pokemon avoids Spikes and Toxic Spikes.

Stat Base MAX
HP65 334
Atk 50 218
Def 70262
Sp.Atk 95 317
Sp.Def80 284
Spd 65251

Chimecho, despite what it may seem, actually has a lot going for it. Its stats aren't fantastic, but they're very well-spread in a way that lets it take quite a beating in some situations. Besides that, it has a very respectable Sp.Atk stat that can allow it to deal damage just fine without even investing much, if any, EVs. In that case, its more defensive sets can invest entirely in HP, Def, and Sp.Def without having to worry about whether or not it can deal enough damage to defend itself. Chimecho's nice in that it has Levitate, so it can happily switch into EQs, and doesn't mind Spikes or Toxic Spikes. Unfortunately, Chimecho took quite a blow with the addition of Platinum move tutors because, suddenly, a large number of Pokemon obtained access to Sucker Punch. Regardless, Chimecho can still boast pretty respectable survivability, and bears a knack for versatility. It can fulfill many a role in your team, and I'd encourage you to try all sorts of different sets to see what works for you. Whatever you need (besides a physical sweeper, unless you wanna try a Curse set), Chimecho can likely fill that hole in your team. It might not be the best in every situation, but it works, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Wink

Standard Chimecho
Chimecho @Leftovers
-Heal Bell
-Energy Ball/Charge Beam
Levitate, Calm
196 HP, 100 Def, 212 Sp.Def
This is just about the most standard Chimecho you'd see in NU. It's built to take hits and WishPass or Recover off damage. With access to Heal Bell, Chimecho can rid the entire party of its various afflictions such as Burn on a physical sweeper, or Toxic on your Wall(s). Psychic is there because it's Chimecho's primary choice of attack. It covers a relatively wide range of Pokemon for neutral damage, and gets STAB. Energy Ball is there for the likes of Gastrodon and Whiscash, among other Rock or Ground types- on the other hand, with Energy Ball, you're walled by Mawile. Charge Beam is an option to boost your Sp.Atk stat, should you feel the need, and grants you a slightly different range of coverage.

Since Chimecho has 65 base HP, 196 EVs with 31 IVs grants it 320 HP, which is the highest number it can achieve that's divisible by 16, meaning, it'll recover the most HP it can from Leftovers each turn without squandering EVs. The Def and Sp.Def investments bring it to a healthy 201 Def and 265 Sp.Def, making it relatively bulky, although more aimed towards the Sp.Spectrum. You can mix up the Def and Sp.Def EVs some to suit your needs, but keep HP at 196- it'll do you good.

Despite Chimecho's healthy bulk, most physical weaknesses can take it out without any problems. Skuntank in particular doesn't have much any problems with this Chimecho, being immune to Psychic, resisting Energy Ball, and being capable of 1-2HKO'ing Chimecho in return with Night Slash. The most poor Chimecho can do is Recover, Wish, or switch, although Charge Beam could give it a fighting chance. Shiftry also doesn't have many problems with this set. Like Skuntank, it's immune to Psychic and resists Energy Ball, but also has the advantage of an Electric resistance- Cacturne bears the same advantages, only with less Spd and survivability, and more power. Besides the specific Pokemon, Steel types don't have much to fear from this set, resisting both Psychic and Energy Ball- a Mawile trained in HP and Sp.Def should have no problems setting up, but should still watch out for Charge Beam, and the possibility of Hidden Power Fighting/Fire.

Chimecho @Choice Scarf
-Energy Ball
-Hypnosis/Healing Wish
Levitate, Timid
252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
Well, since Chimecho (along with fifty billion other Pokemon) obtained access to Trick with the release of Platinum, there's no reason not to check out a Trick set or thirty. It works just like any other Scarf set- with all the extra Spd, Chimecho has no problems Tricking its Scarf onto slower foes, or shutting them down with Hypnosis. Alternatively, you could run Healing Wish, in the respect that you may have a dying sweeper you REALLY wished was still healthy. With or without the Scarf, Chimecho can probably get in that Healing Wish.

Psychic and Energy Ball still have the same coverage, but hit a lot harder with this EV spread. In exchange, of course, Chimecho's much more brittle, so keep an eye on its HP. If it starts having problems, you might wanna think about givin' that Healing Wish a spin. With this spread, Chimecho maxes at 289 Sp.Atk and 376 Spd- not bad at all. It outruns Purugly, even. Speedy Hypnosis is a good thing, even if you do have to switch out right after.

Pokemon like Mawile might have a harder time switching into this one simply because of how speedy it is, and the fact that it can shut down switch ins with Hypnosis- even if they've got a Lum Berry, it can still get to them before they put up a Sub or something if it can kill their Lum as they switch in, and Trick against switch ins can cripple their only means of countering Chimecho. Besides that, the same counters apply- Chimecho is still walled by Pokemon like Skuntank, Shiftry, and Cacturne, and since Scarf makes it that much more predictable, it's more fragile than ever.

Chimecho @Choice Specs
-Energy Ball
-Hidden Power Fighting/Fire
Levitate, Modest/Timid
252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
Similar, in fact, almost identical to the TrickScarf set, only that this set is more geared towards decimating your opponents. With Specs boosted attacks, Chimecho can lay waste to the opposing player's team, boasting relatively good coverage and a Sp.Atk stat no one would sneeze at. Of course, it's more difficult to Trick your chosen Choice item onto the enemy than it was with Scarf due to the drop in Spd, but it's just as crippling, if not more so in some cases.

Psychic and Energy Ball remain a constant theme. The difference here is that, rather than sporting a move to compliment Chimecho's increase in Spd, we choose something that covers Chimecho's obvious and painful weaknesses- particularly the common three- Skuntank, Shiftry, and Cacturne. Besides the threat of Sucker Punch (which is quite prominent), all are taken care of relatively well by Hidden Power Fighting, as is Mawile, who previously posed a much bigger problem. Fire is still an option, regardless, as it still hits Shiftry, Cacturne, and Mawile for super effective damage- Skuntank for neutral- and makes it harder for Bugs and Grass-Poison types (expecting HP Fighting) to switch in. The only difference is that Bastiodon may last longer. The EV spread brings Chimecho to 475/433 Sp.Atk, and 229/251 Spd (Modest/Timid, respectively).

In the end, the same counters apply, thanks to Sucker Punch's mean and mocking priority. Hidden Power Fighting simply gives you a defense, grants better coverage, and makes it more difficult for the enemy's chosen counter to switch in.

Calm Mind
Chimecho @Leftovers
-Calm Mind
-Hidden Power Fighting/Fire
Levitate, Bold
196 HP, 252 Def, 60 Sp.Atk/Sp.Def
Here, we have a Calm Mind Chimecho. The idea's to Yawn the target to force them out and get a free Calm Mind, and repeat- if you've got Rocks up, you can Yawn over and over again till they send out something dangerous to Chimecho, or let something finally fall asleep, in which case you can start Calm Minding up anyway. After that, you can sweep between Psychic and Hidden Power Fighting/Fire. Recover is an option over Yawn, maybe giving you a better chance at lasting as long as you might need.

The EV spread brings you to 320 HP, 262 Def, and either 241 Sp.Atk (226 without the spare EVs) or 211 Sp.Def (196 without the spare EVs). After a Calm Mind, that's 339-361 Sp.Atk, and 294-316 Sp.Def, based on the EV spread. Obviously, the more Calm Minds the better, but this just shows that Chimecho can do quite a number when given the opportunity.

Because of the large HP/Def investment and Yawn/Recover, the common three counters may find themselves having more trouble killing off Chimecho, even with Sucker Punch. Life Orb'd, max Atk Shiftry and Cacturne, however, DO have a sporting good chance to OHKO with Sucker Punch. However, you can get in a Yawn as they try to Sucker Punch, and Calm Mind, since they hopefully will try to Sucker Punch again or switch to get in the KO or avoid sleep, respectively, in which case their best bets at getting Chimecho is by a revenge kill, in which case you only need Yawn again, assuming something else isn't already snoozing. Also, whereas Jolly max Atk/Spd Purugly's U-Turn may have caused you problems before, a Life Orb'd one can't even 2HKO with U-Turn, and Return (with Leftovers) only has a .07% chance to 2HKO. Just watch out for Taunt and Hypnosis, since both can cause you problems.

Double Status
Chimecho @Leftovers
-Energy Ball
Levitate, Modest
196 HP, 252 Sp.Atk, 60 Def
Imagine the fun when you put your opponent's Pokemon to Sleep, and they switch out, only to have their next Pokemon Paralyzed! Yes, Double Status can be entertaining and effective. Hypnosis and Yawn provide for Sleep, and Thunderwave lets you Paralyze the switch-in. Psychic and Energy Ball are still around for decent coverage.

The EV spread is mostly offensive, with max Sp.Atk, but packs 320 HP and a little extra Def to increase survivability, and actually let you get in that Hypnosis or Yawn. Sucker Punch is a little less threatening here, since you can put the user to Sleep or Paralyze it, essentially crippling it and making set up easier for a switch-in of your own.

The same counters as usual apply because this set lacks Hidden Power Fighting/Fire, but they might have a harder time with Sucker Punch thanks to Hypnosis/Yawn and T-Wave.

Trick Room
Chimecho @Lum Berry/Leftovers
-Trick Room
-Recover/Energy Ball
Levitate, Quiet
196 HP, 60 Def/Sp.Def, 252 Sp.Atk (ZERO Spd)
It's a Trick Room set. A Lum Berry keeps you from being shut down by Sleep leads and the likes, allowing you to set up Trick Room, and shut down the opponent's Pokemon with Hypnosis afterword.

Psychic remains your primary choice of attack, but this time around, Energy Ball might take the back seat to Recover, since you probably want your Trick Room user to have a bit of survivability. In that case, the EV spread is easily alterable- the Standard Chimecho set could do well here, and may even be preferable. Just remember, for a Trick Room team, you'll want this thing as slow as possible- meaning a Quiet nature and ZERO Spd IVs/EVs.

Purugly, Glalie, and Mawile leads are especially dangerous here, since they have no problems outrunning and Taunting this sluggish Chimecho. Purugly can also U-Turn, while Glalie can Dark Pulse or Explode and Mawile can Sucker Punch or Crunch. Besides that, the common three still apply, especially now that Chimecho is so easily outrun with even less Spd than usual.

Chimecho @Leftovers
-Knock Off
Levitate, Bold/Calm
196 HP, 252/60 Def, 60/252 Sp.Def (196/100/212)
Here we have an annnoyer/support Chimecho. It's meant to simply disrupt the foe's advances against you. With this set, you can Knock Off the target's item, effectively neutering some Pokemon *cough*PIKACHU*cough*. Besides that, you've got access to Yawn, so that you can, well, play mind games, really... The opponent suddenly has to decide whether to let their active Pokemon fall asleep, or to switch while you obviously set up, or even Knock Off their switch-in's item. You can WishPass to the rest of the team, or Taunt slower walls and the likes to keep them from, say, setting up Spikes or Stealth Rocks.

The EV spread's pretty versatile. There isn't a spread we've done so far that couldn't be applied here, but of course, the best bets really are max HP (or at least max in the sense that you get max Leftovers recovery) and Def/Sp.Def, or the Standard set which is in parentheses next to the first spread.

Of course, faster Pokemon with Taunt will eat you up, but hey- you get a free turn to Knock Off their item! Since this set isn't really geared toward the offensive, Sucker Punch hurts a little less (not literally). You can Yawn 'em to force a switch or shut 'em down, then switch out or Knock Off their item, set up a Wish, etc... You've got options.

Double Screen Support
Chimecho @Light Clay/Leftovers
-Light Screen
-Psychic/Heal Bell
Levitate, Calm/Bold
196 HP, 240/156 Def, 72/156 Sp.Def
Almost 100% support. It's like a slower Speed Deoxys. You set up Reflect and Light Screen based on the opponent's Pokemon, set up a Wish, and switch out. Taunt is an option, but not really recommended, thanks to Chimecho's sorta lackluster Spd stat. Psychic is generally the better choice, since you really would like Chimecho to be able to defend itself, should the need arise, but Heal Bell is an alternative option to keep your party status-free.

The first spread (196/240/72) is for a Calm nature. The second (196/156/156) is for a Bold nature- either way, you end up with the same stats- 320 HP, 236 Def, and 235 Sp.Def- all nice and evened up.

Same counters from the Annoyer/Supporter set apply here.

All credit goes to Shine.

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