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Log Rewards

Post by Shine on Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:45 pm

Hey all- in case there are new members that haven't met me yet, I'm Shine, and as it currently stands, I'm a moderator on the NU Forum, sister forum to Shuten Dojo, of which, obviously, I am a member.

Anyway, the point of this post is to illustrate the fact that, should you prove yourself dedicated to the NU Forum and what it stands for (actively seek NU battles and send in the logs), you WILL be rewarded. Essentially, the more logs you send in, the better a reward you get!

25 Logs

-Those of you who send in at least twenty-five original logs in a single rotation (later explained in the rules), will get a FREE breeding project from yours truly. For twenty-five logs, I'll breed you a single Pokemon of your choice for IVs, nature, ability, and egg moves. I will NOT breed for Hidden Power, and if you specify a gender, while I may try to get the preferred one, I won't accept complaints if you don't get the gender you were hoping for. Any number of members can achieve this prize.

50 Logs

-For fifty original logs, you'll not only get a bred Pokemon with all those criteria as stated in the twenty-five log prize (IVs, nature, ability, egg moves), but also, I will EV train said Pokemon for you as instructed, make sure it has ALL the moves it needs (including moves by TM, level, and tutors). Sami may have to help me if you happen to need a tutor move from Platinum, or a move from a tutor I've already used up in my own game (Draco Meteor, for example). I'll even throw in its hold item. Essentially, you're getting a fully completed Pokemon, free of charge. Once again, any number of members can achieve this prize.

75 Logs

-The GRAND prize- for seventy five original logs in one rotation, you'll get all the criteria in the fifty log prize, TWO FOLD. Yes, I will breed and fully raise TWO Pokemon for only ONE member- the first to reach seventy-five original logs in one rotation.


-What defines an "original" log? An original log is one that has NOT been previously sent in, and only ONE participant of each battle gets credit for the log, meaning... If player "A" and player "B" have a battle, only the first one to turn their completed log into Sasami will get credit for the log. This makes the Log Rewards challenge a much more competitive event.

-Where do you send the logs, and in what format? Well, logs are sent in to Sasami- whether by EMAIL or PM I need to confirm with Sami, since it CANNOT be both. Only one inbox can receive all the logs, for the simplicity of organization, and determining who sent in their logs first. Besides the logs themselves, include at the top of the message a list of what Pokemon were used on BOTH sides, yours and the opponent's, and include a short summary of how the battle went- details on how certain builds did and what kind of Pokemon were used for what roles is helpful. Because you're going for speed, I suggest, rather than typing up your team, that you make use of the RMT (Rate My Team), posting your team up so you only need to copy and paste the link to your team into your entry.

-ALL logs must be saved from the Shoddy Battle simulator, for the sake of consistency and ease.

-You may only turn in ONE log at a time.

-No more than FIVE logs in ONE day.

-You can only battle and count TWO logs with the same opponent in a row.

-If we notice that your team is entirely static in all of your logs (meaning, you've made no effort to improve your team), your logs may be deducted or disregarded.

-I reserve the right to deem your choice of project too difficult or obscure, and force you to change it.

-I reserve the right to "up the ante," so to speak, on the requirements for the prizes, should logs come in so quickly that the breeding projects become a major inconvenience.

-Be patient with me when/if you win the prizes- not only am I college student and expecting a job soon, but I also, believe it or not, have a social life. Consider this opportunity a privilege.

Good luck, all, and happy battling!

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Re: Log Rewards

Post by Sasami on Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:26 pm

Just adding a couple things...

Send me the logs by PM and make sure it's on this forum, not Shuten Dojo. My inbox on Shuten has a tendency to get overloaded and then it starts deleting my older messages. If you know my e-mail address, it's fine to send logs by e-mail--but if you don't know my e-mail address, don't ask.

Also, feel free to send me logs of WiFi matches! In fact, I encourage you to play at least a little WiFi if possible. Just give me the team details and a brief summary of what happened. I just figured I'd clarify so people don't feel like they HAVE to battle on Shoddy.

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