NU Isn't Dead

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NU Isn't Dead

Post by Sasami on Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:40 pm

Title says it all. Let's stop it with the negativity, alright?

March is a really busy month for almost everyone. I know I personally have midterms this week and I'd imagine that everyone else is pretty swamped too. Things will probably be slow until late spring--although we should get some activity when Platinum comes out.

Want to help keep things going? Even if you can't find battles, there are still other things you can do. Advertising is desperately needed and you can also post. Seriously. No one wants to join a forum that seems devoid of life...keep posting and try to think of new, interesting topics to discuss.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on anything I can do better, please let me know. I'd love to hear whatever you guys have to say, even if it's negative, haha. As long as it'll help me improve the site, I'll take it.

We'll make it through this dead spot, we just need to stay positive and bribe others into joining =).

By the way, this is a pretty new forum. It would be very odd for it to already have tons of members and such Wink.

Thank you for sticking with this,

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