The NU Database and How to Help

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The NU Database and How to Help

Post by Sasami on Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:04 am

This forum will keep track of NU statistics. Whenever you complete an NU match (even casual), it's strongly suggested that you record the following:

-Which Pokemon were used on both sides.
-Any movesets that really stuck out to you.

That's it. Not too hard, right? If it was a Shoddy match, it's even easier...just save the log! This information should be PMed to me.

For the NU Committee only (unless you just want to send this too, haha) :

-Try to summarize battles, even if it's just one or two sentences. It's important that we know what took place, even if it was a clean sweep. This isn't necessary for our statistics but can be extremely helpful when considering the banishment of a Pokemon.

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