How the Ladder Works

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How the Ladder Works

Post by Sasami on Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:32 pm

The NU Ladder is a great way to see how you rank among NU battlers. It's actually very simple, you just challenge someone participating to start a match. You must record details OR save a log (the latter only applies to Shoddy, of course) and send it to me (Sasami). You should also post wins and losses in the appropriate thread in the NU Ladder Challenge that thread remember to include the ranks of both you and your opponent.

If you win, you'll gain points and go up in rank. If you lose, you'll go down in rank. Defeating someone with a higher rank will net you more points than someone with a lower rank. On the other hand, losing to someone with a higher rank will cause you to lose less points than if they had a lower rank.

If someone ends up with a very low rank, I may just boost them up a bit in order to keep things simple.

Every month, the top three people on the Leaderboard will earn yen and occasionally other prizes.

For every week you go without battling, your rank will drop by 20 points. In addition, I will subtract 100 points for every month you go without battling. If I notice that someone hasn't battled in a few months, I reserve the right to take them off the ladder.

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