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Whiscash's Smogon Sets

--Whiscash is immune to the effects of Attract, Captivate, and the Cute Charm Ability.
--Whiscash will be warned if the opponent has a move that is Super Effective against it upon switching in. Whiscash will also be warned to Explosion or Self Destruct. Whiscash will not be warned to Super Effective Natural Gift or Hidden Power.


Whiscash, the Whiskers pokemon. Arguably the best use for him is as a tank, considering his hefty HP stat and decent offensive stats. His low speed stat could be better, but his bulkiness more than makes up for it. In general, Anticipation is usually a safer ability choice than Oblivious considering the very sparse use of Attract and Captivate (both of which I haven't seen used in this NU porject once since its creation, by the way), and it's a precise scouting tool when used on Whiscash since it will only alert him to Grass moves, Explosion and Self Destruct. Water/Ground typing allows for horribly crippling grass moves, but luckily that is the only type that hits for Super Effective on Whiscash, not to mention his Electric immunity and his resistances to Poison, Steel, Fire and Rock moves. His similar offensive stats offer mixing capabilities, just as his defensive stats allow him to be a good support wall or stallwaller. His very diverse movepool makes this host of possibilities–and more–viable for Whiscash.

Whiscash @ Choice Band
-Return/Secret Power/Zen Headbutt/Stone Edge
Adamant, Anticipation
252 HP, 252 Atk, 4 S.Def
Whiscash has a solid chance at being a semi-bulky offensive sweeper with the band set (424 HP and 420 Atk). Earthquake and Waterfall for STAB and a nice combined coverage: Spark hits Flying types, especially Pelipper, and is nice for dealing with other Water pokemon. The last slot is customizable; choose whichever move best fits your team. Return has the highest power of all the moves in that slot, but Secret Power can be chosen over it if you want a chance at haxing your opponent. Thrash is also a choice, but not one I'd adamantly reccommend; being stuck on a move without the option to switch is asking to be countered, especially by Ghosts with Energy Ball or other grass moves (like Haunter). Zen Headbutt gets Fighting types, but its accuracy isn't perfect, and Stone Edge in my opinion is a bit overkill on this set (you already have Spark, and it has better accuracy anyway), but if you strongly desire to use Stone Edge (or you fear Shedinja terribly) then be my guest.

Whicash can also run this set with a Life Orb or even Leftovers if you need flexibility/survivability over offensiveness.

As with any Choice set, you'll most likely be in for a kill and then have to switch out because your opponent has the ability to switch in something that counters you or is immune to the attack you're stuck on. If you have Return or Secret Power, then you need to beware of Ghosts as well as the flying types that will avoid your EQ. Flying Levitators will then block half of your moveset, so again put some thought into deciding that last slot. Shedinja walls you without Stone Edge, but it's not that hard to kill with Burn/Poison status or Sandstorm, which Whiscash doesn't take damage from. Hail OHKO's it too, but you'll take a bit of damage as well. Faster revenge killers for the most part are the best counters, especially Grass types like (non-speed-lowering natured) Roselia or Grovyle, as well as fast sweepers that know grass moves, like Kadabra and Haunter. And remember, Anticipation will not alert you to HP Grass or Grass Natural Gift, so be on your guard.

Whiscash @ Life Orb
-Ice Beam
Brave/Quiet, Anticipation
252 Atk, 252 S.Atk, 4 HP
Generic Mixer set for the big fish. Ice Beam + Spark offers a nice (if a bit strange) variation of BoltBeam, even if Whiscash might be a bit slow to take full advantage of its coverage. Definitely try this set if you feel that you're good at prediction as you will probably be able to take out Grass types like Grovyle on the switch in with Ice Beam. Future Sight is also a viable option (typeless damage) over one of your special moves, but then you're either giving up SparkBeam coverage or Surf STAB. Choose bewteen Brave or Quiet depending on whether you prefer to rely on his Physical coverage or his Special coverage. Of course, you could always go Sassy/Relaxed to even out your offensive capabilities and enhance your tanking ability, if only just a bit. The question you should ask yourself when choosing an ability is whether or not you need balance in Whiscash.

Again, his slow speed undermines his ability to consistently sweep if your opponent has a faster pokemon that can counter with a grass move. Pretty much the same counters as the last set, unless you predicted the switch in and retaliated with Ice Beam.

Whiscash @ Choice Specs
-Earth Power
-HP Electric
-Ice Beam
Modest, Anticipation
252 HP, 252 S.Atk, 4 S.Def
Special Specs variation of the Band set; similar workings but gained coverage with BoltBeam. Earth Power can score you some S.Def drops in the opponent, which can definitely help Whiscash gain the upper hand. Leftovers or Life Orb are equally as viable as they are on the Band set for flexibility or survivability respectively.

The same counters apply as the Band set, unfortunately. This set is essentially just a Special version of the first set.

Whiscash @ Life Orb/Leftovers
-Spark/Stone Edge
Adamant, Anticipation
252 Atk, 252 HP, 4 S.Def
Tickle can actually be pretty devastating for your opponent to bear, and it has the ability to force switches much like Yawn does. It's essentially just like giving yourself a Bulk Up. If you put Whiscash in against something that is walled by it (or intimidated by it) and Tickle on the switch in, you immediately put yourself at an advantage. Stone Edge actually IS more viable on this set, because you're walled by grass types without it, so even if you Tickled them on the switch, you're pretty much countered. Pelipper will still be easier to deal with if you have Spark, but Stone Edge hits for Super Effective on it as well.

You can also take the Attack EV's and invest more in Whiscash's defenses if you desire a more bulky-pseudo-tank-ish version of the Tickle set. Another option would be to go for Toxic and Ice Beam over Waterfall and Spark (Brave, 220 HP/108 Atk/180 S.Def) if you prefer a more varied version/staller.

I'm not exactly sure how much a Leaf Blade from Grovyle would do after a Tickle on the switch in, but unfortunately with this set you're pretty much walled by grass types anyway. Stone Edge has lackluster accuracy, so you're definitely taking a risk by staying in. Special Grass types will still easily counter you.

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