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Popularity Statistics

Post by Sasami on Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:00 pm

As everyone knows, I release general usage statistics for NU every month and tier the Pokemon used based on the data. While I'm going to continue to tier Pokemon (and ban/allow them) based on these usage statistics, today I came up with another idea.

They're called "Popularity Statistics". I would release these alongside the usage stats and they would be simply for fun and analysis of the metagame. The "Popularity" of a Pokemon is determined mostly by two factors--how much it was used (general usage) and how many people used it. A third, but less important factor, is how many unique teams the Pokemon was used on. That means that someone using a Pokemon on various teams will make it more "popular" than if they simply used the same team over and over with that Pokemon. I'm still working on the exact formula, but it won't be anything too complex :p. Because of the way I organized data for past months, I cannot go back and do Popularity Statistics for older months. However, I can do it for this month (and all future months, of course).

These statistics might give us a better idea of what people are using (but in the long run, the OU lists should look about the same).

So...thoughts? Ideas? I'm looking mainly for suggestions on how to improve the formula. Other statistic-related ideas are great, too =).

Thanks in advance.

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