May-June09 Rotation- First Team, Sunny Day

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May-June09 Rotation- First Team, Sunny Day

Post by Shine on Sat May 30, 2009 7:34 pm

Okay, well, I'm hoping to spur a little activity by putting up an RMT... I wanted to keep it confidential until the tourney, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen anytime soon, anyway. So, here's my first team for this rotation (which I've had since the beginning of the month, mind you).

Without further adieu...

At a Glance


Rapidash @Heat Rock
-Sunny Day
-Flare Blitz
Flash Fire, Hasty
40 Atk, 252 Sp.Atk, 216 Spd (40 HP, 252 Atk, 216 Spd?)

I've used a similar lead on my previous Sunny Day team for what used to be Shuten's Weather Dojo (now the Strategy Dojo, no longer led by myself). Hypnosis got a HORRIBLE nerf (for the best) in Platinum, but it still hits often enough that it's worth the risk of missing. Essentially, this lead lets me shut down an opposing lead (assuming it doesn't outrun me with Substitute, pack a Lum Berry, or have the abilities Vital Spirit or Insomnia), set up EIGHT turns of Sun with the Heat Rock, and attempt a sweep for as long as possible, depending on the situation. I figure with Sunny Day in effect, and a naturally high Atk stat, as well as Flare Blitz's huge power and STAB, I don't need to invest TOO much in Atk to still get good results, so I dump most of the EVs into Sp.Atk. 216 Spd EVs with a Hasty nature brings Rapidash up to 330 Spd, which outruns base 100 Spd Pokemon- there aren't much Pokemon faster to worry about, besides other Rapidash that might be packing Earthquake, or Sneasel with Sub/Purugly with Taunt and Thick Fat. While it IS very fragile, it's still a strong lead. Earthquake would keep it from being walled by other Fire types (a consistent problem with Pokemon like this), at the cost of being walled by most Water types, which, in theory, would be well-enough covered by things such as Tropius and Victreebel- otherwise, Golduck is the ONLY defense against Fire types, essentially.

Tropius @Muscle Band
-Swords Dance
-Leaf Blade
-Aerial Ace
Chlorophyll, Adamant
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP

So far, as tested on Smogon's UU Ladder via Shoddy Battle, Tropius is the weakest link, with very fragile typing, and perhaps not enough Atk/Spd to sweep well- however, it has had ONE epic-good sweep so far, against what looked like a very powerful BL team (yes, BL- don't argue with me that it was UU.) Anyway, the idea is that this gets double Spd in the Sun, sets up a Swords Dance or two, and sweeps. It loves switching in on foes that Rapidash has put to sleep and set up Sunny Day on. I'm not quite so sure now, but in early NU, this guy had PERFECT coverage over the entire tier- it could hit nearly everything for Super Effective damage, and at least neutral against Flying types with Aerial Ace. Basically, if it sets up, it's awesome, but if the Sun goes out to quick, or it gets owned by something before setting up, it sucks. After Chlorophyll and a Swords Dance, it hits 516 Atk, and 402 Spd.

Golduck @Salac Berry
-Ice Beam
-Hidden Power Electric/Grass70
Cloud Nine, Modest
252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP

I honestly can't find any reason why I SHOULDN'T have Golduck on this team. It doesn't have to worry about Sunny Day dropping the power of its Surf, because of Cloud Nine, and doesn't have to worry about any other types of Weather as an added bonus. Pretty standard Water type set that helps me deal with Fire types on the enemy's side, and it doesn't have to worry about other Water types thanks to HP Electric, which is, right now, the standard, so it can deal with Mantine and Pelipper. HP Grass might be slapped on instead if Quagsire or Whiscash become popular. After Salac Berry pops, Golduck hits 403 Spd- however, it might be more wise for me to run a Timid nature with a Petaya Berry- that tends to work out well for me.

Victreebel @Wise Glasses
-Sleep Powder
-Sunny Day
-Hidden Power Fire70
Chlorophyll, Modest
252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP

Of course, the quintessential STAB'd Solarbeam SunnyBeamer with HP Fire. Honestly, as simple and predictable as they are, they're pretty darn useful. I mean, you get a fast sweeper that can handle pretty much anything but a Fire type! What's not to love? Besides, there's more than one way to deal with Fire types, clearly. Anyway, this generally works best late-game, when they don't have many/any Fire types or spongy fliers to switch to. All in all, I love Victreebel. One of my favorite Grass types.

Regice @Leftovers
-Ice Beam
Clear Body, Relaxed
204 HP, 148 Def, 156 Sp.Atk

Pretty standard Regice... Yes, it's currently legal in NU, and I have a feeling it's gonna do splendidly! T-Wave lets it cripple quick sweepers, while the BoltBeam combo grants it pretty good coverage. Explosion's there for when Regice has pretty much out-lived its usefulness- works best, of course, against Paralyzed foes. I rarely end up using it, but sometimes, it's really blowing yourself up- write that down. Anyway, Relaxed nature and the EV spread brings it to 352 HP, 300 Def, 275 Sp.Atk, and a massive 436 Sp.Def, making it overall effective wall. True, it has Stealth Rock weakness, and still takes quite a number from moves like Close Combat, but it still does very well. Pretty much, I've just gotta make sure I avoid those Fighting types like that plague!

Monferno @Life Orb/Muscle Band
-Flare Blitz
-Close Combat
-Thunder Punch/Mach Punch
Blaze, Jolly
252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP

Okay, this is a pretty WTF WRY sorta thing, but it works, I promise! Actually, I swept 4/6 of a UU team with this baby- would've been five, but I made a little overestimation of his power. ><; Anyway, Sub's there for a little added scouting and such, and helps against moves like Thunderwave which tend to come its way. I honestly can't remember what possessed me to make this thing, but it's been doing really well! So, I'm happy with it. I chose this over Combusken for the sake of Spd- that's all I can remember. Razz

So far, I honestly haven't seen many (if any) significant weaknesses in this team, myself- it has some problems against things like, say, Paralysis, as well as Moltres, but thankfully, Moltres isn't NU legal. Wink

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Re: May-June09 Rotation- First Team, Sunny Day

Post by Sasami on Sun May 31, 2009 6:11 pm

Stealth Rock really does a number to this team but I can't think of a good way to fix that XD;. If only Rapidash got Taunt! Monferno is actually a good user of Taunt (I'm not joking, I've used it!) but I have no idea what you'd even get rid of, anyways. By the way, Thunder Punch is practically needed on Monferno for Mantine--but if you don't run into them much/aren't threatened by them, by all means choose Mach Punch (priority tends to be especially useful on weather teams in order to stay in control while the weather is down).

You do actually have a Kadabra weakness. I didn't run calcs on Regice so I don't know how much Focus Blast does to him. If he can handle a couple then you're fine. But yeah, watch out for Kadabra--especially TrickSpecs and Scarfed revenge killers. Thankfully, Kadabra isn't used in NU as much as he probably should be :p (everyone likes Haunter more).

But really, I'm just nitpicking. The team looks pretty solid to me and I can't wait to fight it. I have two NU teams needing testing, perhaps I'll even post one here =).

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